Making Tourism Sustainable

The challenge of the World Tourism Forum is to find ways to allow people to enjoy traveling around the world while at the same time limiting the negative impact to the environment and to local cultures caused by such activity. The greatest challenge facing humanity at the start of the 21st Century is to preserve the environment. Nature is a dynamic system where all the parts are interconnected. Mankind is part of the grand scheme, and yet acts in such a way as to destroy the very eco-system that he depends upon.

Carbon emissions in 2012 have reached 390 parts per million. On November 9th, 2011 the International Energy Agency published research showing that the 'door is closing'; and that unless we change our habits of energy consumption and carbon output we will be unable to prevent catastrophic climate change that will see sea levels rise, mass flooding, rapid species extinction (not experienced since the last Ice Age) and whole scale desertification.

At the same time economic activity (which includes tourism) is exhausting natural resources? fossil fuels, trees, water, marine resources, soil, minerals and plant resources are all being exhausted. With the world reeling from a severe economic downturn the temptation is to ignore calls for environmental responsibility (as shown in COP 17 meeting) and exploit natural resources even more to try and kick start ailing economies.

It is not just a matter of irresponsible use of natural resources that is making the present situation untenable, unsustainable; it is also pollution. Factories are polluting the air and water supplies, oil exploration is repeatedly polluting the sea and agricultural products are polluting the soil.

One of the biggest challenges for sustainable tourism is cultural pollution. As the world becomes a village small isolated communities in mountainous areas, by beaches and in forests have a growing contact with the outside world. As well as positive influences such as increased income there is also a tendency for these cultural units to be polluted by drugs, prostitution and the lure of easy money. Men stop fishing and do boat tours, women stop working the fields and become waitresses and sex workers. Children stop attending to their classes and take up begging and entertaining tourists. It is a sad pattern that can be seen all over the world.

At the same time tourism has become a consumer product. Too many people are taking planes, hiring cars, demanding air-con and willfully causing carbon emissions. The drive to 'up-grade' accommodation has resulted in too many swimming pools and golf courses all draining water resources and causing yet more carbon emissions.

The mission of World Tourism Forum is to find ways to allow people to travel without destroying the environment and without undermining local customs and ways of life. Since 2004 delegates have been meeting from all over the world to discuss ways to promote eco-tourism and to make tourism sustainable. Thousands of delegates from many countries gather to discuss the issues that beset their countries and to suggest ameliorative measures. Delegates come from the hotel industry, from NGOs, from conservation groups and from indigenous groups. According to Helene Rocques of the Sustainable Development for Accor Group, "It is possible to harmonize pleasure with sustainability".

Many initiatives have already been taken. Some more successful than others. These include encouraging governments to set up eco-tourist areas. One successful example of this is Koh Phangan in Thailand. 90% of the island's tree cover has been preserved by means of setting up National Parks and limiting building. As a result Koh Phangan has maintained its pristine natural environment and is now beginning to overtake the neighboring island of Koh Samui in terms of tourist numbers that has let unregulated development pollute beaches and cause wide scale deforestation. Tourists don't like the negative results that the temptation of the tourist dollar has caused and are looking for unspoiled natural beauty.

Another important area of sustainable tourism is nautical tourism. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing have all in the past caused pollution, damaged coral reefs and depleted marine resources. Organizations such as government tourist ministries and regulatory bodies such as PADI continue to improve guidelines to make nautical tourism sustainable.

As people travel more they become jaded with the 'regular' tourist destinations and seek to go to more and more 'exotic' locations such as Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands. It is vital that systems be put in place to preserve these natural environments and the indigenous culture.

Finally, there is the unavoidable fact that airplane travel causes immense amounts of carbon emissions not just in flights but also in building airplanes. It is essential to encourage people to take more environmentally friendly types of transport where possible. It is also essential that airline companies are lobbied (as well as governments) to set up more rigorous strictures for off-setting. It is not just a matter of emitting less carbon but also of planting more trees and other carbon recyclers. The World Tourism Forum intends to bring all the major players together to make these things happen.

This website is intended as a resource for all those connected to the tourist industry. The articles herein introduce travel destinations and travel products and seek to encourage debate on how to make tourism sustainable. If solutions are not discussed and enacted foreign tourism could well go the way of the dodo.

While this may not be your typical eco vacation it’s still something that most people should try at least once in their life. What I am talking about is taking a trip to Germany during the month of October. Especially a large town in Germany called Munich. Every year they are having one of the largest funfair in the world here, the Oktoberfest. Most of you have most likely heard of it and are thinking that it’s only beers and Tyroler kostumer, but it’s so much more than this. Each year there are more than 6 million people from all over the world, comming to take part in this special event. This number is raising everything year, as it’s becomming more and more trendy to visit this event.

It is basically 16-17 days of pure fun, 6 million people partying or having a great time. Of course beers are a large part of this, so is the German folk music or traditional wind music. Then we have the food, which is mainly Hendl (a type of roast chicken), Schweinebraten (slow roasted pork), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), German Würstl (spicy sausages) along with Brezen (pretzel) and Sauerkraut. One of the most interesting parts about the oktoberfest, is the clothes. Most of the people who come to the fair are dressed up in classic tyroler kostumer, which is often lederhosen, tyrolertøj or Wittelsbach costumes which is inspired from the old fashion in Tyrole. At you can see some examples of the clothes they normally wear. It’s a big part of what makes this vacation so special.

Besides of taking part in the Oktoberfest, there are many other interesting things to do near Munich. It’s a big town with a lot of culture, so if you like going to the opera, visiting some really great museums, or trying some exceptional food, then Munich is your kind of town. But for a lot of people, the best thing about this city is the beer. No where else in the world do you find this large an amount of different, and well tasting beers. That alone, is for many more than reason enough to give Munich a visit.
It’s also a great town for shopping, they have a lot of different kind of shows, everything from high fashion to some really cool second hand shops. If you are there, be sure to buy a Tyroler Kostume in one of the many little shops, they are a great memory to take back home.

Visit Munich during October to take part in the Oktoberfest, or if you don’t like funfairs and just want to see some culture instead, then visit it any other time of the year. But be sure to book at least 10 days of vacation there, as anything less is far from enough to see the things that you will be enjoying. I have been there about 4 times now, and it’s a City, that I will be visiting again soon. Together with Rome, London and Paris it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe, if you ask me.

China is a prime vacation destination with the eclectic blend of panoramic landscapes that are breathtaking, the most modern and lively cities, a fascinating mix of ethnic cultures in addition to famous historical and cultural landmarks.

You may therefore be spoilt for choice as you are going to also get the chance to try someplace different or something each single time you go to the united states.

Although you’re organizing your following China vacation, but how can you start choosing what things do to see and eat on the list of innumerable offerings accessible? Don’t be concerned, as I ‘ll give you a guide with info on food, shopping and the tasks you could indulge in another time you see China.

Exciting Places to See and Things to Do

For people who simply cannot wait to get your adrenaline pumping, it is possible to consider trekking or hiking across a number of the most unbelievable landscapes. It’s possible for you to look at a hike across the Great Wall of China, giving you a firsthand experience of traversing the world-renowned icon. Or it is possible to contemplate its own diverse landscapes of rocky summits, terraced rice fields and verdant forests and trekking through lovely Guizhou.


In the event you would like to be intensely engaged in bona fide local cultures, it is possible to see with ethnic minorities in areas like Yunnan and find out about their distinguishing tribal folklore and lifestyle. You can even pay a call to the Shaolin Temple in Henan province where it is possible to see some dramatic displays that are kungfu.

Those who might decide to stay closer to culture and golf can play in a few of the best golf courses in China. These are able to be seen across the southeastern shore in areas like Yunnan and Guangdong.

No excursion to China is complete without shopping for a number of herbal products and the abundant ethnic which China is famous for. Artworks carpeting, porcelain, handicrafts, teas and medications are among a few of the goods which might be not unworthy of your focus in China.  It’s lots of complex designs that are coloured and a wealthy and high quality feel, making silk embroidery from areas like Sichuan and Guangdong popular.

Shopping in important cities would even be a joy. It’s possible for you to locate many marketplace shops selling all sorts of garments, bags, shoes and other accessories at low costs. All you need to do is to haggle to receive the best prices.  Remember when you’re there that the Chinese government heavily censors the internet so if you want to keep up to date with your usual websites then you should invest in a VPN program before you go, we can recommend this one.

Chinese cuisine is rated among the planet ‘s top three cuisines and is famous through the planet.

You would not have to see with elaborate restaurants to try some genuine cuisine: simply patronize among the many street stalls usually seen in any city. All of the bites with varieties as well as distinctive flavours of cooking will definitely make a deep impression for you.

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Canada resides in most of North America and is, size-wise, the 2nd largest nation on the planet. There’s nothing little about Canada and this makes it the perfect location for learning all about a nation and its particular culture passionately, traveling and expanding horizons.

When Is the Most Effective Time to Take a Visit?

Summer starts in May and ends in mid-September. Winter begins mid- ranges on and November until mid-March. Eventually, springtime continues from mid- March. Canada’s tourism summits from mid-June to mid-September. During these months, lodgings and journeys are comparatively higher priced.


You must review your motives for going in determining when to visit Canada. Have you been going to Canada for the opening of the ice hotels or for the skiing? Subsequently, winter is an ideal time to go. If, on the flip side, your motives include outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing, or boating, schedule your visit during autumn or spring. Regardless of what season you schedule your visit for, there will plenty of places to stay a veritable bonanza of high-end vacation rentals. If you want to get on the inside track, try and book locally ideally by using a Canadian proxy, like this to gain access.

You’ll find a lot of things you can do in Canada. You can join the apparently never-ending merrymaking in the Carnaval de Quebec. You can try being a ski bunny in the Whistler, Blackcomb. You can try to find bears in Manitoba. You can spend hours. The set of actions is endless!

Where Should I Stay?

Luxury vacation rentals, Canada travel agencies will tell you, are a sure way to enjoy your vacation comfortably. Not only will you be staying in a fully-furnished, upscale apartment, you may choose to take on a maid and a driver.There are other services available for tenants, too, and some sites online. In the end, there’s nothing little about Canada, and there should not be anything little about your Canadian holiday, also. Splurge on the luxurious vacation and go all out in your lodgings rentals Canada’s distinct cities must give.

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If you are seeking an appealing travel destination in Europe for example some charming city with long time history, full of monumental classic structure and unique appeal, where you are able to spend unforgettable moments and see amazing areas, then you should truly consider to select one of most popular Cities of Poland – The Krakow. Krakow is located in southern Poland using its history dates back and all early buildings survived to present times. There is in Krakow’s region many interesting and worth see areas like Auschwitz-Birkenau museum and memorial of fascinating underground tourist path and holocaust.


In last few years Krakow become more popular travel destination not only for Polish people but usually for tourists from throughout the planet who travel here to find and explore this marvelous Royal City. Due to more and more airlines operating to Krakow Balice airport every year it is also rather easily reachable City with more than 60 destinations available traveling by air. In addition to individuals from Europe travelling by car can handily get there thanks to amazing road link (highway A4) with other chief Cities in European states.

For individuals travelling to Krakow and being first time visitors, this City always has the choice to surprise them serving plenty of attractions that are varied to educational tours from cultural events and concerts and sightseeing along with started exhibitions, galleries and numerous museums.   Before you go, check out Polish TV for more information on the country, you can access TVN player here. Most recognized places in Krakow is The Old Town Kazimierz and former Jewish Quarter. In the southern part of Old Town there is most characteristic that is situated attraction the Wawel Castle in Krakow,. It was seat of polish kings till 16th century nowadays there is huge museum possessing relicts of yesteryear from different centuries.

Another worth see places in Krakow you are able to discover are in the Kazimierz district called also Jewish District. There’s situated just as much as 7 synagogues and similarly to the Old Town it has a large square called Wolnica Square where stand building of former Town Hall currently being seat of ethnographic museum also in the corner magnificent Corpus Christy Church. Summarizing city break also immerse yourself in history, culture and traditions or if you prefer to spend fine and pleasant time throughout your vacations, Krakow is certainly one of the finest propositions as travel destination, you can be satisfied by and at broad range way of entertainment.

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America, disperse between two oceans, is a state that is very big and varied. It’s ideal for short excellent vacation spots, along with longer, more relaxing breaks. Excluding Hawaii and the magnificent Alaska, there are 48 continental areas, and six positions situated throughout the width and breadth of America. These areas are endowed with enjoyable and diverse experiences and we are going to understand about these six areas in a quick while.

In the nearby town you can get great rooms in a B&B or a motel, or appreciate a wonderful boat ride. The park is developed passing during impressive coastal mountains and the rugged.


NYC is an excellent area for holiday. Take a ride that is complimentary (pedestrians are free) and revel in seeing the incredible Manhattan skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty that is remarkable.

New Orleans is not the same as other cities in America. To take pleasure in the singularity of the city, go to with the Jackson Square, situated in the middle of the French Quarter close to the Mississippi River. Love a ride on a horse drawn buggy as well as a riverboat, or simply enjoy walking the old French Quarter. The spot really rocks in the springtime when the climate isn’t too hot.  You can catch some interesting travel programmes that cover this area on British Television, try them on iPlayer throughout the Summer – access via this, if you’re outside the UK.

Grand Tetons National Park, quite near the Yellowstone National Park and situated in the northwestern part of Wyoming, is fantastic with some outstanding back country, the scenic Snake River, and astonishing summits. The area is excellent for camping, climbing to the bottom of the grand summits or seeing the great thing about the summits, horse riding.

Simply walk over the well-known Golden Gate Bridge, a steel construction that is grand, and benefit from the magic of seeing the magnificent bay as well as the steep hills.

Buyers local merchants and visitors come in this occasion from around the United States. You can get a broad range of art and goods as well as the best value here. Over all, America may be the best choice for holiday.

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cykel-skiWinter is now all around us, and many of us choose to make the best of it, by going on a skiing vacation. If you are asked about a vacation, like what would be the best kind of vacation you want to experience? Heng and Cykel made a survey and found that most of us would answer something like relaxing in the sun, going swimming or even camping. There are only a few who would think about skiing vacation. This is because a lot of us are living in a state, that don’t have a snow season. Most people can’t wait for spring season to arrive. People would be eager for winter to arrive so that they can go out for skiing and hit the slopes. It is so much interesting that there is another kind of vacation that would probably the whole family would enjoy. There is no doubt that ski many kinds of skiing and many other winter activities. For skiers, highest peaks are good for skiing areas and they would enjoy ski season. No one wants to spend more money just to experience their dream ski holiday. You need to look for best skiing vacations information and check on discounts. You are able to save a good deal of money and would end up being more than worth your time from doing a research. The best part about a Skiing vacation, is that it is often very eco friendly. You rarely hurt the environment when you go skiing. Many of the popular ski resorts, have done a lot to enhance and preserve the environment, since people who love to ski, usually like the nature a lot.

With the splendid skiing options, you can get good skiing vacation package. Of course, skiing would never be fun without your family. So, it is suggested that you get skiing vacation package. This will complete the whole vacation. Skiing can be one of the most expensive hobbies that you might have. However, the expenses can be cheaper if you are going to get skiing vacation package. Skiing is not like hiking where you can simply purchase a pair of hiking shoes, a walking stick or just hiking a trail. With skiing, you need to have your special clothes, lessons, lift tickets, special equipments and accommodations. It can be pricey. However, you would be amazed at what little scaling back or research will save your money. You can have a chance to cut down the cost of your ski vacation. Location is very important if you plan for skiing vacation. You don’t have to go to park city. You can save money from going to your back yard and do skiing. Also, there are popular ski areas that offer cheap packages for families. See more examples in this youtube video here.

Packages can also be availed through scouring the internet for skiing vacation. This can include your lodging, skiing school, rentals, lift tickets and the food you need. A skiing vacation is really both interesting and challenging. However, you cannot ski right away if you have not tried it at least once. You might get hurt. But if you have any knowledge on how to do it and of the right position to ski, then it can be easy for you to ski. Most skiers advised that it is not safe for a person to ski if he or she is a first-timer. They must learn some ski lessons first before skiing. This will keep them away from any unwanted incidents. No one wants to get hurt, so you need to have full knowledge about skiing before doing it.

susanneThere are many reasons to visit Denmark when you go on vacation. It’s a small country but contains a lot more than just Legoland.
What you can in Denmark depends a lot on what time of the year you are visiting. If you visit during winter time, you are likely to see a lot of snow, but many of the main attractions such as Legoland are closed. Instead you should visit some of the many pubs, where you can enjoy a large selection of both danish and Eupean beers, or just a hot chokolate. You can also visit the Trip Trap factory during christmas, and see how the small Trip Trap nisser and the famous Susanne Schjerning sengetøj are made, or take a walk in Tivoli, it’s a really nice place expecially during december, with all it’s christmas decoration. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on the danish tradition called julefrokost. If you visit during vinter, and there is no snow, it can be a little boring and dull outdoor, so here you can go shopping in some of the many malls. Prices are bit high, especially if you goto the capital Copenhagen. You can often find some good gifts like brænde or briketter here.


If you come to Denmark during the summer, you will see a green and environment friendly country. A lot of their energy are produced by windmills, so you won’t be seeing a lot of polluting factories. There are a lot of fun things to do during the Summer, you may not want to visit the Trap Trap or Susanne Schjerning factory, as those places are a lot more cozy during christmas time. Tivoli in Copenhagen is still worth a visit though. It may not be as beautiful as it is in December, but still a fun place for both kids and adults. If you like to part and see a lot of bars, then Jomfruanegade in Aalborg is the place to be, it’s a whole street with almost nothing but bars. Aalborg is the party town of Denmark, especially if you visit around May 23. as you get to see, or take part in, the big carnival, which is the largerst of it’s kind in northen Europe. Denmark also got some great beaches, and even though the water may be a little cold (around 20-23 degrees celcius) it’s a fun place to be. If it’s to windy to go swimming, they got some great hills for paragliding or hanggliding. If you are into that, you will need to bring your own equipment though, as it’s not possible to rent this anywhere. If you visit Nordjylland, you should not miss out on Fårup Sommerland next to Brænde, which is a theme park build in the middle of a forest. They have a lot of fun rides, and is a really cozy place, since they try hard to keep it all in touch with nature. In the middle of Denmark, they got Djurs Sommerland, which is the largest theme park in Scandinavia. It got some larger rides than Fårup sommerland, but is not quite as cozy.

If you are into shopping then Copenhagen is the best place to visit, it got the biggest shopping malls, and a lot more special shops than any of the other cities. They got 2 theme parks, and a lot of historical buildings, but don’t expect anything breathtaking like you can find in London or Rome. The local people are ofte very friendly and helpful. They are not much for idle talk with strangers, so it can ofte be a little hard, to get to known then. If you are into eco Tourism, then we can really recommend taking a vacation in Denmark.

billige briketter and brænde from dtvtransition.orgTourism in Asia is faster growing than anywhere in the world, and not without a good reason. This is because of the increase wealth of countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia and by the huge populations of China. Indonesia is known as the first second and fourth largest countries when it comes to works. Some of the larger cities there such as Briketter or Brænde have experienced a growth increase of over 200% over the last 15 years. Despite of the importance of the tourism industry in this area, it is still under researched. There is this called “Asian Tourism”; it is a unique book that addresses this imbalance by giving high quality edited collection of chapters exploring the intraregional and domestic tourism in Asia.

Thailand includes as good travel destinations in Asia. You can have a memorable and perfect tour in Thailand. You can have perfect places to explore like the diverse wildlife, nightlife, museums, monuments and a wide range of shopping attractions. Thailand has rich cultural heritage that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in various Thai festivals.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is also one of the most visited travel destinations in Asia. Meaning, the country belongs to the remarkable tourism in Asia. It gives a name because of being a good travel destination. Many tourists decided to visit the country because of good travel destinations providing good accommodations to the travelers. Many travelers decided to visit Hong Kong because of famous travel attractions like Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay and Giant Buddha. Hong Kong is a must visit country as it attracts young honeymooners and holiday-makers around the world.

Singapore offers an opportunity to discover the unique and real Singapore. Tourism in Asia gives an extensive option of tour packages. You will start enjoying an array of activities from the beautiful land to the underwater experience. Singapore has rich marine and wildlife. This will give memorable experience for you. Singapore and Briketter are bothcolorful and vibrant cities where one can find a harmonious blend of cuisine, culture, architecture and of course art. Singapore tourism offers info on various tourist attractions and destinations such as beautiful destinations, monumental heritage, wildlife parks, and rich arts and crafts. Singapore is known of its best recreational destination providing ample ways for people to entertain and amuse themselves.

Sri Lanka
The culture of Sri Lanka is another amazing tourism in Asia. Buddhism is the biggest influence in molding the variegated cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. Art, Architecture and Sculpture and painting are also trademarks in Sri Lanka. You will be satisfied of the amenities that in Sri Lanka. You will enjoy your visit in the country.
Tourism in Asia is one of the top rated travel destinations around the world. These countries are just only a few to mention of the tourism in Asia. Asian countries become more popular these days just because of its amazing travel destinations. People around the world usually choose Asian countries as their travel destinations. The fast growing tourism in Asia proves that the countries in Asia contribute a trademark. Tourism in Asia has been word-of-the-mouth by many travelers. They really have a memorable experience in the place.


Tourism is one of the major contributors onto the Philippine economy. Philippines is an archipelagic country that is composed of 7, 107 islands. Philippines are rich of biodiversity which is main tourist attraction. Its beaches, islands, rainforests, mountains and diving sports are listed as one of the archipelagos’ famous tourists’ destinations. The country is rich of cultural and historical heritage; these are also one of the attractions of the Philippines. In the year 2010, South Korea is listed as the biggest source of visitors in the Philippines. A total of 1.17 million South Koreans in the year 2013 visited the Philippines followed by the United States, Australia, China, Japan and Taiwan. Main attractions of the Philippines are the white sand beach which is known as Boracay. Other attractions are the shopping centers of Metro Manila, forests of Bohol, diving sites of Palawan, the rice terraces of Ifugao, the heritage houses in Vigan, and the cultural attractions of Manila and Cebu.


The island of Luzon is known of its economic center of the Philippines. Metro Manila is located in this island which is the capital region. It is reported in 2012 Global Blue survey that Manila was ranked 11th most attractive city for American shoppers. You will find the shopping malls around the metropolis especially in the financial and business districts of Ortigas, Makati and Bonifacio Global city. During Halloween they got a special event in Luzon. Just like at Halloween in the USA, people dress out in scary costumes and the local Hallloween kostumer, lights a big fire on the beach and sings songs to scare away the bad spirits, much like the original Halloween tradition in Mexico. So if you are in Luzon during the end of Oktober instead of going to the popular oktoberfest in Munich, don’t miss out on their special Halloween evening, it’s worth a visit.


Visayas is to most, known as the central island group of the Philippines. It is the heart of the country’s biodiversity. This is the island where you will finds the most famous beach destination known as Boracay. The island is famous because of being a favorite island destination for local and foreign visitors due to its pure white sand beaches. In the year 2012, Boracay received an award claiming as the best island from the international travel magazine. Aside from the white sand beaches of Boracay, it is also famous destination for exciting nightlife, tranquility and relaxation.


Mindanao is known for its mountain ranges. The island is located at the southernmost of the Philippines. It is one of the best climbing destinations in the country. Mount Apo is the most famous mountain range and known as the highest country’s mountain. It takes 2 days to reach the summit when you do mountain climbing. Mount Apo is famous hiking destination for mountain climbers.
The most important tourism in the Philippines that we should never forget is the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan. It is claimed that Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the new 7 wonders of the World. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located in the north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features limestone karst mountain landscape navigable Underground River. You will witness a lot of astonishing and surprising sightseeing views underground the river. It is surprising that this underground river becomes a Philippines pride. This is a complete compliment of tourism in the Philippines. This proves the saying “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”.


There is not much to beat a great vacation by the sea in a hot part of the world and staying at a truly wonderful resort with all the creature comforts. But did you know that taking a vacation by the sea is also really good for your health?

Well it is! In particular, it’s good for your respiratory health as well as being relaxing and de-stressing into the bargain. So what is this all about and why should you even care?

Given that you’re already keyed up and looking forward to spending some quality time relaxing in the sun and doing as little as possible for two weeks or so, the healthy aspect of holidaying in a beach resort is probably furthest from your mind. But that’s OK, since you don’t need to be consciously thinking about your physical state of being to benefit from the potent atmosphere of healthiness!

Salt Air Therapy

What’s really happening, with regards your breathing and respiratory system is that the additional levels of salt in the sea air is getting into your lungs and doing them a whole power of good. While you’re soaking up the sun, your bronchial airways are soaking up the salty air and benefitting from its powerful healing properties.

The salty air helps to gently cleanse the airways of debris, particularly excess phlegm and mucous that can cause blockages in especially in the narrower tubes (see for more details). This is as its gentle antibacterial property kills harmful bacteria and heals infections that can cause inflammation and narrowing of those airways.

A Vacation Rejuvenation

But of course all that is really not so important to you as leaving all your cares and problems far behind you as you enjoy all the rest and relaxation that a great beach vacation can offer. It’s more than just a means of getting away from it all for a couple of weeks, as it is a rejuvenating time in more ways than you could possibly know.

Jetting off to the sunshine and lazy days is more reviving to the body, mind and soul than just about anything else. It’s why we do it in the first place!

When you get down to the beach, remember to take in deep draughts of that clean sea air and remember that it’s doing you a power of good. So while you chill on a sun bed and let the sun do its thing to your skin, spare a thought for your grateful lungs and nasal passages because they’re getting their very own yearly service and restoration too.