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Keeping Carbon Emissions Down Whilst Travelling

meeting teh locals

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to spend an extended period of time travelling extensively through South East Asia, Australasia and South America.  Although taking an aeroplane to these continents didn’t help reduce my carbon emissions, when I was actually on the ground I tried my best to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible.  One of the ways I wanted to try and make this work was to use the local populations ways and means of travel instead of just getting on the more convenient tourist bus that would pick me up outside my door, whisk me through the country with preplanned stops at particular vendors, and then drop me at a convenient destination.

This wasn’t just about ‘keeping it green’, but rather, I wanted to immerse myself in the culture and lives of the local people.  I had read so many stories before I went away of people just following the ‘Gringo trail‘ and only visiting predetermined places that were built up around tourist trade, but I wanted to see the real country and that meant finding the real people.  Travelling on those local buses, not entirely sure of where I was going to end up was a dream come true.  I met some many wonderful people who would do anything to help you out and it cost me what it would cost them to get about – so another added bonus!

What more could you ask for – meet the locals, keep the budget low and save the planet! All worthy points in my eyes!

There were a few times when the going got tough though, times that I just wished I had kept it simple.  One of those times was when I was in Peru.  I got into a little town after dark, it was freezing and I couldn’t find anywhere open.  I had walked around for 10 minutes and the cold was really getting to me – so much so that I began dreaming of being at home, central heating turned on full blast and my mother making me a roast dinner!  At the time, I didn’t realise the danger I was in but a nice local school master pretty much saved my life!  A local child had seen me wondering about and because of my appearance she wouldn’t approach me but instead told her parents about me.  In turn, they went and got the local school master who had a basic command of English and he came and found me wondering about and led me off to the only guest house in town, down a small back alley which I would have never gone down if it wasn’t for him.  They got me fixed up for the night and I arranged to meet with him the next day so I could show my gratitude.  When I met him, he insisted that I have lunch with him at his expense.  All he wanted was to practise his English with me so we had a nice relaxed lunch and I answered his questions about England and he helped me make some travel plans for my next destination.  Those were the real moments that I felt I was really travelling!

How to Avert Financial Crisis During Periods of Reduced Tourism

Increasing gas prices and travel costs have taken their toll on much of the tourism-based business around the world.  People aren’t traveling as much, and when they do they aren’t doing so lavishly.  In many places that depend on seasonal tourism, recent global climate trends have completely altered the financial environment.  Many destination locations have become undesirable due to climate conditions that do not suit the destination.  It is becoming harder for travelers to book trips confidently because weather conditions have become unstable.  Political unease in petroleum producing areas of the world has created a fluctuating market and higher gas prices.  Combined with a global recession, tourism around the world has taken a huge hit.  As accommodating businesses struggle to make ends meet, many business owners find themselves in dire situations.  Many are simply unable to survive the way they are structured with greatly reduced numbers of visitors.  However, without the means or capitol to re-structure, they find themselves swimming in greater and greater debt.  Bankruptcy can provide a solution in these times of trouble.

As a business owner, learning how to file bankruptcy can do more than protect your personal assets.  It can provide a way to keep your business alive.  A qualified bankruptcy lawyer can examine your financial situation and find ways to alleviate some of the pressure, giving you time to come up with a new business strategy that will keep your doors open and your staff employed.  Understanding the new bankruptcy guidelines is of paramount importance, and with local and regional governments keen to keep existing businesses in operation, bankruptcy experts are able to provide much needed aid and relief.  Existing debt can be reduced, enabling a business owner some room to adjust to economic conditions, even possibly to move to a more tourist-friendly environment.  People need to know what options they have available to them before they make poor choices.

Ecotour NYC?

Planning eco-friendly vacation is never easy. But some of the most eco-friendly vacations are those taken to cities. Cities offer a population density that the world could really learn to live with. If more people move to cities it would allow for more land to be left alone for natural forests to recover. That wouldn’t stop and large amount of the country from looking for summer houses to rent, but it could help.

In America the phenomenon known as urban sprawl Has transformed large swaths of the country and turned them into wasteful zones where all goods must be transported long distances. urban sprawl happens when new construction on vacant land is cheaper than upgrading and any existing structures.

In China there are efforts to focus its citizens into cities allowing them to work for large manufacturing industries. There has been a major push from the government in China to move rural people to the cities and jobs.  In 15 years China may start to have trouble feeding itself due to a lack of farm economy.

Sustainable tourism is best done in cities by eating organic and local. You can find great food and inspirational stories by speaking to locals. More often than not a city can offer a unique perspective on one of its immigrants culture is food. Just yesterday I had a taste of Peruvian influenced Chinese food. And it was absolutely delicious. all of the food was locally sourced, and used no pesticides in its growth. The flavors were incredible and the impact on the planet was minimal. Most of these things would be difficult to do in a remote location. By having the city around me in allows for a broader experience. It allows me to try flavors and scents that are not native to my region. and that fills my life with richness.

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Save Up For That Big Vacation

Taking the time to properly plan out your next big vacation may seem a bit tedious but will prove to be absolutely worth it in the long run.   It doesn’t take too much time if you’re smart about it.  Start out by figuring out how much you’ll need to save and set that as your goal. You can then find a good savings account that will give you interest on your savings.  Understanding how the compounding interest will add to your savings will be a crucial part of your plan.  A compound interest calculator is the perfect tool for this type of planning.

Every now and then, people take up loans, which accrue compound interest. However, very few people are aware of how this interest is calculated and end up surprised at the never-ending monthly payments they have to make. Using a compound interest calculator, you will be able to anticipate the status of your loan and make necessary adjustments to complete payment. On the other side of compound interest is a great form of savings. Compound interest investments are one of the best ways of saving up and accruing hefty payoffs. To understand how this investment calculator operates, you first need to understand compound interest.

Uniquely so, compound interest refers to interest on the principal amount and on the accrued interest over time. Thus, your investment grows every time interest is charged on both the original amount and added interest. Frequency and time are the two factors that create major differences in the formulas used to compute compound interest. There are investments that compound annually, quarterly, and even semi-annually. The more times the interest is compounded the greater the value of your investment. This is also true for the time factor where the longer the time your investment is to be compounded the greater the impact of the future investment value. You can keep track of your investment and predict future value using a compound interest calculator.

Due to the vast differences in computing formulas, relying on these formulas to calculate the growth of your investment can prove difficult. However, with a calculator, you do not need to remember such formulas. All you need to do is input the deposit amounts, the intervals, the interest rate, and the time. You are also given the option of including the principal savings amount if there was any. The compound interest calculator then simply comes up with a figure of your future savings. You can also find out how much savings you have to make in a particular period to achieve a desired value in the future.

When using this calculator to gain insights on future investment prospects, it is advisable to manipulate time, interest rates, and frequency. At the end of it all, you will learn how much interest will help you reach your target faster and how inflation impacts your investment. Inflation rates are an added feature on this calculator, which comes in handy when you need to seek other investment options to elude the detrimental effects of inflation.

It is better to find an investment calculator that also offers graphical representations of your investment to gain a more vivid understanding of your future prospects. Overall, saving is a great way of achieving financial freedom and making compound interest investments will rake in great benefits.